Popp Z-wave Keypad.

Z-Wave Popp Keypad is the first Z-Wave enabled outdoor Keypad in the Smart Home world!

  • Keypad with Pincode entering for entrance control
  • 20 different programmable Pin codes
  • 4 to 10 digits Pin codes
  • Aluminium Casing
  • For indoor or outdoor use and installation (IP44)
  • Integrated doorbell button
  • Multicolour LED status

KSh18,999.00 KSh21,999.00 Excl VAT


Z-Wave Popp Keypad

The Popp Keypad is the first Z-Wave enabled, outdoor Keypad in the Smart Home world. The Keypad can activate and deactivate your security system by using an individual Pin Code. Furthermore, you can unlock connected doorlocks without a key but with a multi-digit Code.

Each time when somebody logs in with his personal Pin Code you will be informed automatically. Always know when your kids arrive home, even if you are on the road.

The Popp Keypad can save up to 20 different Pin Codes. Each Code can have 4-10 digits. Every single Pincode has its own scene ID and can start other scenes. You can also use the different scenes ID’s to see, who and when of the family members came home. Additionally, the Keypad has a separated doorbell button, which controls his own scene. That way you can switch on the light and turn down the volume of your hi-fi system when somebody rings the door.

The Keypad is protected against tamper and burglar due to its integrated magnetic sensor. If the Keypad is moved unauthorized, you’ll receive a push message immediately (gateway mode) or a siren will be triggered. When the wrong Pin Code is entered, a separate scene ID is used and as a result, you’ll know directly when somebody unauthorized has used the keypad.

An integrated multicolour LED shows if the Pin Code was entered correctly and informs if the entered Code was transmitted successfully.

Stand-Alone and Gateway mode

The Keypad can be used in 2 different modes. Firstly it can be used in connection with a doorlock or door-opener in the Stand-Alone mode. In that case you do not need a Z-Wave gateway because the Keypad is directly associated with the door-opener.

Secondly, the Keypad can be used in the Gateway mode. In this mode the keypad is connected to the Gateway and is shown as a scene controller. Each access code gets his own scene ID. The doorbell button and the wrong entering of code will be shown with own scene IDs.

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